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The Top Picks of the Tiffany Floor Lamps on the Market Today

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The coming of interior design has promoted the role of lamps from general lighting purpose, to enhancing the elegance and beauty of the interiors. In most cases, every room of the house has different lamp types for decoration, maintaining the ambience, theme and mood. Just like the suggestion of the name, floor lamps are not hung or attached from the ceiling. They are lamps kept on the floor and made of different materials. They are independent and have stands attached to them. The floor lamps can use electrical lighting devices, gas or candles to light them up. The lamps are, however, available in a number of brands and varieties. For this reason, you should go for the best floor lamps and the most preferred of them all is tiffany floor lamps. Below are the top selections for the top tiffany floor lamps that you can find on the market today.

Amora Lighting AM073FL12 Tiffany Style Tulips Reading floor Lamp

Amora Lighting AM073FL12 Tiffany Style Tulips Reading Floor Lamp Adjustable Shade 62 InThis is one of those floor lamps that have no any piece of fabrics on them. It has 12 inches as its diameter. The floor lamp is 62 inches long. With this kind of height, the lamp can offer a great reading illumination when you are reading. It needs a one by sixty watt bulb, type A. The lamp has a floor switch and an amazing shade that is adjustable. It is made of strong metal and weighs 20 pounds. The lamp is appealing to the eye and, therefore, one that could definitely decorate your room as it is multi-colored.

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Warehouse by Tiffany’s 1509-BB75B Dragonfly Lamp

Warehouse by Tiffanys 1509-BB75B Dragonfly Tiffany-Style 72-Inch Torchiere LampIf you have purple as your favorite color, then, this is your floor lamp to purchase as it highly meets this condition. It is a fantastic purple lamp hiding artful dragonflies and has brilliant hues. The shade is made from two hundred and above pieces of stained glasses that are hand- cut. The top edge of the shade is scalloped to make it even more appealing. The pole has been designed in a carousel style while its base is made of sculpted zinc. To enhance ease of operation, this lamp comes with a step switch. The lamp uses an incandescent bulb of 60-watt. In diameter, this great lamp measures approximately 15 inches and 72 inches long.

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Warehouse of Tiffany’s 3742-BB75B Green Leafy 60- Watt Torchiere Lamp

Warehouse of Tiffanys 3742-BB75B Green Leafy 60-Watt 67-Inch Torchiere LampThis is a Torchiere lamp that reveals amber hued berries and artful foliage with brilliant hues. The top of the edge is scalloped while the shade itself is made from hand – cut stained glass 200 pieces and above. The switch of this beautiful lamp is cord mounted and its base is made of sculpted zinc. The pole has a carousel design. Its diameter is about 15 inches wide while the length is 66 inches long. It uses the incandescent bulb of 60 watts though it is not included in the package while you buy the lamp. You have to buy separately later.

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Serena D’italia Tiffany Style Lamps, Blue Contemporary Floor Lamp

Serena Ditalia Tiffany Style Lamps, Blue Contemporary Floor Lamp, Mosaic Stained Glass Lamp and Bronze Finish Base, Double Pull Chain (Blue, White, Yellow)This is a floor lamp that has got a Victorian Flair. This enhances its stylish lighting in any room in which it is placed. It can be used as a décor shade. This is highly enhanced by the stained glass lamp shade that is hand cut. It produces a warm glow in rich blue color that makes it even more elegant. It also produces an elegant glow in yellow and white colors. It gives you an impression of an antique look as it is 60 inches tall with modern fittings. It can be used in the hallway, bedroom, living- room and reading area.

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Tiffany Style Stained Glass Floor Lamp  Azure Sea’

Tiffany Style Stained Glass Floor Lamp Azure SeaIf you have been looking for  tiffany floor lamps with beautiful and outstanding colors, then you should consider buying this one. This is a lamp with beautiful colors and a perfect one for reading. It becomes perfect, especially when placed in a corner. It not only looks appealing when turned on, but also looks awesome while turned off. It has a shade diameter of approximately 20 inches, a lamp height of 64 ¼ inches and a shade height of 9 7/8 inches. The lamp used 3 by 60 watts bulb. However, you have to buy this bulb separately as it does not come as a package with the lamp during purchase.

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If this is the first time you are about to buy Tiffany lamps and you are worried about whether the shade’s inside material is glass or plastic, then rest assured that any of their items only contains stained glass. This is to clear any doubts, that any of these tiffany floor lamps could have plastic in them. Otherwise, there is much heat involved when the manufacturer joins stained glass pieces using molten solder alloy and copper foil combination. The kind of heat involved in this process has no piece of plastic that can withstand it. Those are top 5 tiffany floor lamps that are making huge sales every new day. Do not be left behind go and make your purchase today.



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