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Top 5 Torchiere Floor Lamps

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Torchiere Floor Lamps are one of the most useful as well as decorative things which should be in your home. Not only they look gorgeous and attractive, they also have various useful features by which they’re always in demand. People love them because of their unique designs. They provide bright light, looks beautiful and don’t consume much space.

There are many brands out there from which you can buy a Torchiere Floor Lamps. But sometimes, purchasing a product without researching about it becomes a headache. Therefore, we researched and prepared a list of Top 5 Torchiere Floor Lamps, which are best in their industry. These are manufactured by popular brands who have proved themselves year after year, so you can trust them.

Brightech SKY LED Lamp

Brightech - SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp - Dimmable Super Bright 20-Watt LED - Warm White Color - Sleek White FinishThe Brightech’s SKY LED Torchiere Lamp is popular, and one of the most trusted lamps which you can find anywhere. Its LED lights can be used for more than 20 years, without burning out. This lamp can be used for years without any problem, and you’ll never have to replace its bulb.

This SKY LED Torchiere Lamp is bright enough that, you can use it as the only source of light, and also you won’t need any ceiling lights. You can ON, & OFF, the power by pressing a single button.

Thanks to its advanced technology, this LED Lamp will never overheat and your Lamp will be protected from such damage. SKY Torchiere Lamp not only the best in stylish design & lighting, it also reduces your energy bill.

Along with its good height, it’s quite stable because of the sturdy base, and the tested design. All the Brightech LED Floor Lamps gives you 3 years of warranty.

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Normande Lighting JM1-884

Normande Lighting JM1-884 71-Inch 100-Watt Incandescent Torchiere Floor Lamp with 40-Watt Side Reading LampThe Normande Lightning JM1-884 gives you incandescent 100-watt torchiere floor lamp along with 40-watt side reading lamp. Along with providing bright light, it looks beautiful because of its dark bronze color, and the perfectly finished frosted glass shades.

Its 3-way switch gives you the ability to turn ON/OFF, the torchiere light, reading light, or both of them. You can easily adjust the direction of light, which is also a very helpful feature. It has 71 inches of height, but it doesn’t lose balance because of its wide base.

It offers so many things, but you’ve to assemble it yourself. Don’t worry, it’s not a rocket science. You’ll get a manual, and after reading it you’ll assemble it in few minutes.

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Normande Lighting Concord Torchiere Floor Lamp

Normande Lighting 150W Incandescent Concord Torchiere Lamp, Brushed SteelNormande Lighting is one of the trusted names when it comes to purchasing a lamp. In this Concord Torchiere Lamp, Normande gives 150-watts of incandescent lamp which produce enough light so that you don’t need to spend on purchasing ceiling lights.

Its brushed steel finished along with the gently curved plastic shade gives an attractive look. Its height is 71.25 inches, but it doesn’t lose its stability because of the 11.75 inches wide base.

Its 3-way switch allows you to turn ON/OFF the reading light, torchiere light, or both. It’ll work for years without any replacement, but in case, if you get any problem, you’ve 2-years of limited warranty.

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Light Accents Metal Floor Lamp

Light Accents 150 Watt Metal Floor Lamp with Side Reading Light (Satin Nickel)This Incandescent Torchiere Floor Lamp is best for the small to medium sized rooms. This lamp alone can easily lighten your whole room with bright light.

Its beautiful Satin Nickel finish gives an attractive look, while its white-frosted plastic shade just looks awesome.

The side reading light is a great feature for any floor lamp, but if it’s adjustable then it can be extremely helpful. In the Light Accent’s floor lamp, you can fully adjust the side reading light according to your need.

Its 71.25 inches of height is perfect for bedrooms and drawing rooms. It needs to assemble after purchase, but you can do it easily, and it’ll not be a problem for you.

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Park Madison Lighting PMF-9170-31

Park Madison Lighting PMF-9170-31 72-Inch Tall 150-Watt Torchiere Floor Lamp with Adjustable Reading Side Arm Lamp, Black Finish with Frosted ShadePark Madison Lighting offers an incandescent torchiere floor lamp which can produce enough light so you don’t need another source of light in a single room. Its 72 inches of height is perfect for bedrooms, and its diameter is just 11 inches, so it’ll not consume much space.

Its black finish along with the frosted shades gives a gorgeous look which can’t be ignored.

Its 3-way switch feature is also very helpful to ON/OFF the lights. A side arm reading lamp is important, and in the Park Madison, you’ll get 60-watt of side arm lamp. Another considerable feature is that you can adjust the side arm lamp according to your requirement.

It has many features, but you have to assemble it yourself. But don’t worry, it’ll not take more than 10 minutes.

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All of these floor lamps are used by hundreds of users, and they’re happy with them. Along with their features, people also want to buy them because of their decorative designs. A good floor lamp will have all the qualities, with a perfect look.

After purchasing a quality one, you won’t need to spend money for another for years. But, whatever torchiere floor lamp you choose to buy, make sure it meets all your requirements. Before purchasing, examine your house where you want to place it, what color will be best for you, and what’s your budget. These are the things which you need to keep in your mind.

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