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Top 5 Tiffany Style Table Lamp

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Tiffany Style Table Lamps are not only necessary to lit up your room but also can be decorative. A little attention on where to place it and the purpose of use will not only serve your purpose of but also will add an extra attention to your room. Besides, with the help of a proper tiffany style table lamp, you can create different moods at different time of days.

That is why it is crucial for you to consider tiffany style table lamp as an important furniture to amplify the beauty of your home.. So, make sure you buy such ones that suites with your other furnitures.

However, there are tons of varieties of tiffany style table lamp available in the market. All you have to do select accordingly to your style and your budget. But if you ask me which style table lamp to buy, I will suggest you to go for the Tiffany style.

To help you out more in this matter, here I am listing top 5 Tiffany style table lamps that are sold in Amazon.

Chloe Lighting CH18780VG18-DT3

Chloe Lighting CH18780VG18-DT3 “LIAISON” Tiffany-Style Victorian 3 Light Double Lit Table Lamp 18-Inch ShadeThis beautiful piece is inspired by Victoria motif and is gem stones engraved stained glass.Its height about 24.5 inches and weighs about 10.8 pounds. This beautiful piece contains 264 pieces of glass. It is also dressed with soft pedestals. It has chain and o-cord rotary switch system which gives this lamp a vintage look. It supports 100W E27 type A bulb or 15W E12 type C bulb. When you lit up the bulb, the light passses through the warm colored glasses and gives your room a soft glow.

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Warehouse of Tiffany’s T18275TGRB

Warehouse of Tiffany's T18275TGRB Dragonfly Tiffany-Style 26-Inch Table Lamp with Lighted BaseThis marvellous lamp shade incorporated with Tiffany style will decor your home beautifully. It has beautiful hand cut glass placed into complex molded foundation. The base is made of metal but the lamp is so lightweight that it weighs only 15.8 pound. It is decorated with jewels and have blue and red as dominating colors.

This piece  has more than 400 glasses incorporated into the design. It requires two bulbs;one 60W maximum and another of 25W. To on off the bulbs it has two chai pulley.

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Amora Lighting AM116TL08

Amora Lighting Amora Lighting AM1086FL12 Tiffany Style Peacock Torchiere Floor LampIf you found the previous ones than this one will obviously be in your choice. It does not contain that much jewel like the above ones but surely has its own style. It weighs only 5 pounds and 15 inches tall.It has total 80 glass pieces and 60 beads. The glasses are molded by copper foil and has a metal base. You can have this sober but stylish looking lamp at only for 61.99$

This lamp is really budget friendly. If you don’t like so much gorgeous ones, this one will obviously make its spot in your mind.


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Serena D’italia Tiffany Style Table Lamps

Serena D'italia Tiffany Style Table Lamps Contemporary, Mosaic Stained Glass Lamp, Antique, Victorian, Vintage Styling, Double Pull Chain (Blue, White, Yellow) I think this one is perfect for your drawing room. Its very classy in design. The antique look gives this lamp shade a different appeal. Its Victorian flair with warm colors will add extra dimension to your room. You can buy two of this shade and place at two side tables. I think, in that way, your drawing room will look God damn gorgeous. It is 9.1 pound i weight and the dominant colors are white, yellow and blue. This lamp is about 23 inches tall.



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Warehouse of Tiffany 1669-MB163 

Warehouse of Tiffany 1669-MB163 Tiffany-style Jeweled Petite Table Lamp, GreenThis is another masterpiece from Warehouse. It is decorated with jewel and has natural vibrant colors. The dominant ones are; green, amber and yellow. It has 150 glasses wrapped in copper individually.

It is 12 inch in height and has zinc base. This beautiful piece requires one bulb. If you are short in budget but want to have a colorful one this will surely serve your purpose as it is really cheap. Amazon even offers free shipping for this product.

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By now, you may have fixed your mind on which one to buy. Right? If you really want to make your home looks elegant and different, believe me, a tiffany style table lamp is the best. Besides, think about the warm light at night in your room. Is it not romantic? Buy one for yourself today!

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