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Top 5 Tiffany Style Lighting Lamp Reviews

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Today, people are not looking for ordinary or common things to style their home. We are want something that gives you a sense of individuality and style. This is why we all look for décor that is beautiful and unique. These are just the words that Tiffany style lamps can be described in. These lamps were very popular in the 19th century but were soon forgotten until now. These lamps make a place feel welcoming and homely. The stained glass used to create these lamps give the room an inviting color and warm ambiance. They are available in many different sizes, styles and designs for you to pick. Here are a few you might consider.

Tiffany Style Halston Double Lit 2+1 Light Table Lamp

Tiffany Style Halston Double Lit 2+1 Light Table Lamp with Antique finishThis lamp incorporates an artistic feeling to your home. This lamp boasts of 400 hand cut pieces glass that is bent in the Chloe light table lamp. The lamp has two 100 watt bulbs at the top and one at its base to produce the best possible illumination in the darkest of spaces. It also has a dark antique bronze finish that serves as a classic style in rooms with traditional themes. This lamp also has a cathedral-like feel to it because of the turquoise and amber glass art it has. It also comes with a pull chain switch that helps operate it.

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Tiffany-style Yellow Dragonfly Lighted-base Table Lamp

Tiffany Style Green Dragonfly Table Lamp - Lighted BaseThis lamp offers a unique yet functional art in any room it is placed in. The yellow dragonfly lamp with stained-glass shade is illuminated by a 25-watt candelabra light bulb that can be used either by one or both lights each giving the lamp a different but awesome look. The lamp also comes with a metal pull chain which in turn complements the bronze theme of the lamp. The hand glass theme is amplified by the dragonfly theme that sees hues of green, yellow, blue and red added to the mixture which gives a beautiful lighting experience for the room. The lamp has a cast metal base also with a bronze finish to give it a uniform look.

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Tiffany-style White Jewels Table Lamp

Tiffany-style White Jewels Table Lamp with floor switch typeThis is one of the most beautiful Tiffany style table lamps with a simple yet elegant design that casts the most beautiful light you have seen. The lamp incorporates 27 jeweled cabochon accents to a beautifully designed hand cut stain glass. This tiffany style lamp brings a living room or bedroom a vintage feel coupled with elegance. The base of this lamp has antique themed copper adorns that give this metalwork a striking and stylish finish. It requires just one 60 watt bulb to deliver a radiant glow that will always catch your eye. The lamp’s nature makes it most convenient for different types of tables including a nightstand, console table or even a side table.

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Tiffany-style Amberjack Table Lamp

Amber Jewel Tiffany-Style Table LampThis is a dazzling accent piece that is styled by a neutral-toned stained glass that is hand cut to give it a look and feel like no other. This traditional lamp has a traditional allure complemented by a cast metal zinc base and a jewel-inspired border. The lamp also comes with two pull chains for lighting each one of the two 60 watt bulbs that are placed in the lamp. It is approximately 25’’ high by 18’’ wide therefore making it a good table lamp. It is also styled by an exquisite earth tone and a more refined bronze finish.

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Indigo 2-Light Tiffany-style 19-inch Floor Lamp

Indigo 2-Light Tiffany-style 19-inch Floor Lamp with Bronze finishThis elegant floor lamp will bathe your room with soft ample light that will make the room look more beautiful. This lamp will add a beautiful discussion piece to your decor and still conserve space due to its compact design. The lamp boasts of hand cut stained glass that creates a classy and sophisticated look. The lamp also features old world chains that are used to switch on the two light lamp to the lighting level of your choice. The lamp comes with a 40’’ cord that is definitely easy to use on any standard socket. The 60-watt bulbs will provide a beautiful downward light. Another plus to this lamp is that it is CSA and UL safety-certified.

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When you are choosing a Tiffany style lamp, it is important first to think about your surroundings. This includes the already existing décor and the lighting already in place. Unless you seek to change things up, you should look for a lamp that complements the furniture and style of the room and also the existing colors in the room. It is important not to clash colors as it would give the room a weird and confused feeling. It obviously doesn’t have to be the same colors, but you should seek to group together the colors that work together.


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