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Top 5 Tiffany Style Floor Lamps Reviews

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Tiffany styled floor lamps are glass floor lamps designed and developed to resemble the original Louis Comfort Tiffany Lamp. Tiffany-styled lamps are highly available and affordable in the market unlike the original Louis Comfort Tiffany Lamp. They are designed to be highly portable and you can simply pick it up, move and plug to anywhere where there is an electrical outlet.

Floor lamps are available in a wide variety of styles that offer wide variations in shades, finishing and materials. Modern lighting market features different tiffany-styled floor lamps ranging from sleek and modern designs to more ornate styles. This article features top 5 Tiffany Style Floor Lamps that are popular in the market.

Tiffany Cherry Blossom Art Glass Floor Lamp

Robert Louis Tiffany Cherry Blossom Art Glass Floor LampThis is a Tiffany Style Floor Lamps designed to fill your house with warmth and style. It features an art glass shade designed to include lovely cream, red and natural tones. It is designed to look like a cherry blossom tree especially in the slender base that imitates tree trunk and nice branches that looks like that of Cherry. It features pull chains that make it easy to adjust brightness in the room.

The Tiffany Cherry Blossom Art Glass Floor Lamp features 220 pieces of hand-crafted art glass, double pull chains. Although it does not come with bulbs, it uses energy-efficient bulbs, which make this floor lamp one of the best in the market.

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River of Goods Stained Glass Mission Style Floor Lamp

River of Goods 13173 61-Inch H Stained Glass Mission Style Pharaohs Jeweled Sidearm Floor LampThis Tiffany Style Floor Lamps is as glorious as the sun and is designed to take a pyramid shape. It includes about 200 glass pieces in golden rays like the sun and colored like jewel. It features a craftsman-base with scrolls on the bridge. Place it in any room and you are to fell warmth and light.

It used Gold, Blue, Red and Purple as the primary colors and used a single 60W bulb, which make it one of the energy-saving devices. Its base is well decorated with polyresin and metals and features a cord of 94 inches in length.

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Amora Lighting Tiffany-style Jewel 72-inch Floor Torchiere Lamp

Amora Lighting AM071FL14 Tiffany-style Jewel 72-inch Floor Torchiere Lamp WhiteImprove warmth in your home décor with this great Tiffany-style floor lamp. It is a lighting fixture designed to include classic style to fin in any room. The tiffany styled lamp uses a single incandescent bulb of 60 watts.

The floor lamps’ shades are handcrafted with Tiffany glass containing 180 pieces of stained glass and 24 beads, each hand-cut and wrapped in a fine copper foil. It is decorative as it features an elegant cast metal base with a nice dark brown finish. Its adjustment knob makes it easy to adjust lighting in the room.

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Mosaic Stained Glass Floor Lamps

Serena Ditalia Tiffany Style Lamps, Blue Contemporary Floor Lamp, Mosaic Stained Glass Lamp and Bronze Finish Base, Double Pull Chain (Blue, White, Yellow)This tiffany styled floor lamp features Baroque Drama that grantee lighting for any room and Classic style that results from hand cut and stained glass shades, which is wrapped with copper foil and fitted by professional craftsman. The age character featured in the mosaic floor lamps makes it available for a wide variety of functionalities, which including living room, bedside, bedrooms, boudoir, reading as well as hallways.

The tiffany styled lamp includes period features such as double ball-styled lamp pull chain and elegant base and are available in warm yellow, red and green.

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Chloe Tiffany Style Victorian Design 3-light Floor Lamp

Chloe Lighting CH18780VA18-DF3 Liaison Tiffany-Style Victorian 3-Light Double Lit Floor Lamp with 18 ShadeThis tiffany styled lamps features hand-crafted natures and create variations through the use of colors, sizes and designs. If you buy two of this floor lamp, you will likely to experience slight differences. They are handcrafted using Louis Comfort Tiffany’s styles techniques, which results in beautiful Tiffany-style pieces that features hand-cut pieces of bent glass.

The antique bronze fixture finish and umber, blue and green art shades makes this Tiffany-styled floor lamp unique and available for decoration in any part of the house. It is designed to include two-60-watt medium base bulb and a single 7-watt candelabra night bulb in column and well as chain and foot-stepper switch.

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The benefits of illumination offered by household desktop lamps are often underestimated by most people. However, most household lighting technologies such as tiffany style floor lamps have gone beyond lighting and decoration to offer durable and more efficient lighting systems. They utilize the latest lighting technologies that ensure durability as well as energy efficiency. Apart from their household applications, tiffany style floor lamps are also finding application in architectural, entertainment, broadcast among other industries. The modern lamps have proved to be very ideal for a wide variety of lighting tasks because of their focuses lighting and beautiful designs.

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