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Top 5 Stained Glass Lamps

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Decorating a living room or any big space is sometimes quite difficult. Everything has to look great in its place, and it should match the decor that surrounds it. When it comes to the stained glass lamps, there are many different types and styles, from the most minimalistic, to the most complex designs.

Stained glass lamps have been around since 1895, when they were by craftsmen and not machines. Originally manufactured by Louis Comfort Tiffany these lamps have become very popular and known simply as a Tiffany lamp even when not made by said company. Being very arts, they are popular amongst people that want their space to look distinguished. Below are the picks for top 5 stained glass lamps.

1) Chloe Lighting Tiffany-Style Liason Victorian Table Lamp

Chloe Lighting CH18780VG18-DT3 “LIAISON” Tiffany-Style Victorian 3 Light Double Lit Table Lamp 18-Inch ShadeThe Liason is a beautiful handcrafted stained glass lamp. Decorated with gem stones, and with 3 light bulbs, you can create a soft glow just by turning on the one inside the base or a well-lit station when using the exterior ones. Its 24” tall and has an 18“diameter making it stand out in a good way.

It can be turned on with a chain or the cord rotary. Its bronze finish and multicolored surface makes pretty to look at. Imagine how sophisticated you will look when reading a book or waiting for your kids curfew next to this one.

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2) Amora Lighting Tiffany-Style Dragonfly Table Lamp

Amora Lighting Amora Lighting AM1035TL14 Tiffany Style Dragonfly Table Lamp 2 lights
This stained glass lamp is made using the technique developed by craftsman Tiffany himself. Made with 66 jewels and 306 hand-cut pieces this 14” wide and 18.5” tall lamp is just gorgeous to look at. This one is two lighted and controlled only by chains.

Its painted finish makes it look great inside and outside, but if having it outside make sure you place it somewhere safe. You don’t want it falling and breaking apart. We picked this one for number 2 because its lighting is not as controllable as the one on the Liason. You will love this beauty.

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3) Chloe Lighting Grenville Victorian Table Lamp

Chloe Lighting CH33381VB16-TL2 Grenville Tiffany-Style Victorian 2 Light Table Lamp 16-Inch ShadeChloe Lighting is back on this list with the Grenville stained glass lamp. Now this one is very stylish and is sure to turn a few heads, it’s handcrafted and made up of 366 pieces of cut glass, 27 gem like cabochons, 24 crystals and is finished in an antique bronze platina.

This one is 22” tall and has a 16” diameter, doesn’t sound very amazing, right? But wait until you turn it on, it goes from being blue shaded, to one with such a vibrant display of colors. So, never forget to turn it on when you have guests.

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4) River of Goods Tiffany Style Leaf Motif Accent Table Lamp

River of Goods 23 Tiffany Style Stained Glass Leaf Motif Accent Desk lampThis unique lamp has a sidearm that makes you think of a field of beautiful berries, and since it only has one bulb, its light can create the perfect romantic setting. This stained glass lamp is made up of 237 glass cuts and 69 cabochon berries. It has leaves that go from the base up to the shade and looks like a tree is looking down on you.

It stands at 23” tall with a 65 inch cord where the pull chain is, and it doesn’t have a switch on the base, that’s why we have it at number 4.

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5) Fine Art Lighting Tiffany Mini Lamp

Fine Art Lighting Tiffany 6 by 12.5-Inch Table Lamp, 183 Glass Cuts, MiniThe last stained glass lamp on our list is not really meant to light things up a lot. It’s pretty small, standing at 12.5” tall and a 6” base. It is designed to be an eye catcher than can enhance the decor in your home, or whatever setting you are trying to enhance.

It’s made up 183 glass cuts and can only stand a 25 Watt light bulb, so it has all of the beauty but not much of the glow. Since it is very stylish but not very functional we placed it in the fifth place of our list.

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When it comes down to picking the right stained glass lamps for you it can be tricky because we need to consider the functionality as well as the style, and matching them with our decoration is not easy either. So you can plan your living around the lamp and not the other way around. Nevertheless, you will never go wrong, any of these lamps will spice up your space and will certainly start conversations when you have people over.

It’s fair to say that all the lamps on this list were chosen because of affordableness as well, high end stained glass lamps can go as high as 100,000$ and if we all had that amount to spend on lamps I think we wouldn’t be so worried.

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