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Top 5 Peacock Floor Lamps

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A good composition of interior lightning can instantly bring a better ambiance to any room. By adding the right combination of lights to a room, you can bring to room to life and create a living space with a comforting atmosphere. There are, however, many facts to consider when placing your lights throughout your interior in order to create the perfect balance and to provide light on specific objects that will complement the interior design of the room. Peacock floor lamps are one of the best choices you can make when you are looking for floor lamps to place in the corners of a room.

With the many choices available on the internet and in-store, the choice of which floor lamp to choose becomes a challenge to anyone looking to create the perfect interior lightning composition. This is why we have compile a list of the top 5 peacock floor lamps you can buy. These lamps will instantly fit in to any design style and compliment the interior of any room, be it your living room or the main bathroom.

Tiffany-Style Peacock Torchier

Warehouse of Tiffany 1125#+BB75B Tiffany-style Peacock Torchier, PurpleThe Tiffany-Style Peacock Torchier floor lamp is an elegant piece of art. The lamp stands tall and can easily be added to the corners of a room, or any other position that would create the perfect ambiance and lightning position in the room you are decorating. A design that is made only from glass and features an amazing set of colors will easily fit into a variety of design styles, be it modern, sophisticated or antique.

The main colors used in the lamp are purple, blue and green. The lamp combines these three colors perfectly to provide an authentic look and feel. The bronze finish base also adds a level of elegance to this lamp, while its high quality components guarantees that the lamp will last for a very long time.

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Amora Lightning Tiffany Style Peacock Torchiere Floor Lamp

Amora Lighting Amora Lighting AM1086FL12 Tiffany Style Peacock Torchiere Floor LampA rustic element can instantly add some authenticity to any room. The Amora Lightning Tiffany Style Peacock Torchiere Floor Lamp provides just that with its elegantly designed glass shad, combined with a metal base that extends 72 inches upward. The lamp shade is also quite large and measures in at a 12-inch diameter.

The design of this floor lamp is based on the original techniques that were developed in the early 1900s by Louis Comfort Tiffany, thus called a “Tiffany Style” floor lamp. The combination of metal and copper foiled glass instantly adds authentic design elements to any type of interior.

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Black Peacock Floor Lamp

Black Peacock Floor Lamp 82′′H by Crown MarkCrown Mark often designs some of the most elegant pieces of work that can be used to add class to all kinds of interior design. The Black Peacock Floor Lamp is no different. This lamp offers a sophisticated and elegant design that will perfectly fit in with a modern and classy interior. The floor lamp has a height of 82 inches and a unique shape that follows the design of a peacock’s features.

This practical piece of furniture comes in black and Gold in order to satisfy the need for various design elements. It is a piece of art that can be a perfect addition to a living room, bedroom or entertainment room.

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6th Classic French Art Deco Decorative Peacock Lady Statue Art Nouveau Floor Lamp

6ft Classic French Art Deco Decorative Peacock Lady Statue Art Nouveau Floor LampDesigning a classy interior with a higher budget also opens up a wider variety of lightning choices to choose from. When it comes to bringing home a real piece of art, the 6th Classic French Art Deco Decorative Peacock Lady Art Nouveau Floor Lamp fits in perfectly with any kind of high-class design.

The lamp features an authentic statue in the form of a lady and a peacock. The lamp features a classic design and the entire object has been crafted with only the highest quality materials to ensure it lasts much longer. Even though the price tag is quite high on this floor lamp, it provides a whole new class of design.

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Tiffany Lamps Living Room Floor Lamp

Tiffany 16-Inch Tiffany Lamps Living Room Floor Lamp Modern Minimalist Fashion Personality Peacock Tail Upscale Floor LampsA more colorful choice to bright up any room with some life is the Tiffany Lamps Living Room Floor Lamp. The lamp features a modern, yet minimalistic design with peacock tail elements. A wide variety of colors is present in the lamp shade, while the lamp also features a powerful wattage to provide a bright lightning element to the room it is placed in.

This lamp has an antique look and can complement various rooms such as study rooms, living rooms and even bedrooms. The shade has been crafted from glass, while the base has been created from Resin. The lamp stands almost 50 inches tall and has a 16 inch diameter, ensuring the light reflected from the lamp travels throughout the entire room.

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Choosing the perfect lamp to complement an interior design is a vital part. While the positioning of your lamps and lightning equipment is vital, it is also essential to consider the design features of the lamps and lights, and to ensure that these design elements fits in with the interior of the room you are placing them in.

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