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Top 5 Cordless Table Lamps For The Money

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When it comes to our homes and home décor, we want our homes to be fresh and uncluttered of any pesky wires as much as possible. However Cordless table Lamps can be very hard to find on the market, due to the technology of them and especially trying to find one that is reasonably priced can be difficult. That is why for you convenience we have put together a list of our top 5 Cordless table lamps on Amazon for you to consider buying and putting in your home. Please carry on reading to see our thoughts on them. Prepare to be amazed by the wonderful selection of cordless table lamps we have in store for you!

Light It By Fulcrum Wireless Table Lamp

LIGHT IT by Fulcrum 20020-108 8 LED Wireless Motion Sensor Table Lamp Light, WhiteThis cordless table lamp not only has a modern design but is very useful and at a great value. The design is a smooth white futuristic look that would suit a modern home. What makes this light special though is that it has motion detector sensors, so when you come into the room you won’t have to fumble around for a light switch in the dark. This lamp is also at a great price at $23.55, meaning that you can have this great lamp in your home for less. Great value and a great look!

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Luxe Led Cordless Table Lamp

Luxe LED Cordless Desk Lamp (Micro USB Charging) 40 Hours of Continuous Light Touch Light Control 18 Brightness Levels 360 Degree Adjustable Design Indoor:Outdoor UseThis cordless table lamp is the perfect lamp to study under. No longer will you have to choose between charging your laptop or having a light on as this little lamp easily sits on the table whilst you study. In terms of design it has a very modern look, but its also very portable and adjustable to your needs. The price however is a little expensive at $59.99, however we truly believe that this is a very handy lamp to have for those who work at a desk all day. It also has some great reviews!

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Zekpro Reading Light Lamp

Zekpro Reading Light Lamp [SMART TOUCH] - Premium Quality USB Touch Sensitive LED Table Lamp For Books Bedside, Floor, Living Room, Bedrooms Kids Elderly Best Portable Dimmable Desk Study Lamp [Black]This is the perfect cordless lamp for those of you who like to read in bed. This lamp is fully portable so can be taken anywhere and works by coming with a USB cable so you can charge the lamp absolutely wherever you are. It has had some great reviews, and in design it is rather simple, but if you wanted something like the Luke led cordless lamp is it a cheaper alternative at the very low price of $14.99. It is a great, easy to use little lamp that we are sure will be handy for so many different uses.

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Etekcity Living Color Led Table Lamp

Etekcity Living Color LED Table Lamp- Touch Control, Color Changing Base, Adjustable Brightness Light, WhiteThis is a slightly fancier table lamp for those of you who are looking for something with a little more design. Again it looks very modern but what makes this lamp special is that it is a touchable light sensor which comes in three shades to choose from so you can choose the mood your want. It is again more affordable than the Luke LED at $24.99, making looks, technology and design still more affordable. The reviews of this lamp have also been great, most saying how easy it is to use as well as portable.

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Dimmable Table Cordless Table Lamp

Rechargeable Dimmable Table Lamp Blowing to Turn ON: OFF - Cordless, Innovative Kerosene Oil Lamp Design(Gold)Last but not least on our list of the top 5 cordless table lamps is our favourite. This lamp has an old style look that makes you think of an old Victorian lamp which gives it a very steam punk feel. Yes it is cordless, but the best part of this lamp is the blow on and off technology which we think is very cool. It’s portable and also affordable making it a great choice at $15.88. It’s also had great reviews from it’s purchasers saying that they like the design as well as the usability of it.

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So now that you have read our guide on the top 5 cordless table lamps, what do you think, if you had to buy one of these which one would you choose? We personally love the final one, which is perfect just as a normal table lamp or could be taken anywhere, for instance camping. Please let us know what you think, and again which one would you choose. We really hope that this article has helped you find your perfect cordless table lamp. Also hey, if you like this article please feel free to give it a share to spread the word and discuss with your friends and family which lamp you’d all choose.

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