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Things You Should Know About Dale Tiffany Lamps

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Tiffany Style Stained Glass Floor Lamp Azure SeaPeople that say Tiffany Lamps only belong in the Art Deco era are just without much taste or originality at all. The truth is, people say that they are considered as masterpieces in huge demand, elegant, beautiful and as attractive as ever. So much so, that original lamps designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany will go for six figures at auctions easily. These lamps still add beauty, style, originality and delight to your home.If you want to have a lamp that embodies pure elegance and sophistication, consider getting a Dale Tiffany Lamp. The Dale Tiffany Collection offers only the finest of Art Glass lighting and accents. It is a world leader in designing and manufacturing traditionally elegant and classically styled Tiffany lamps of the highest quality standards.

Uniqueness of Dale Tiffany Lamps

Modern day lamps continue the tradition of distinction, beauty, and originality in handcrafted design. Today, they are the foremost manufacturer and designer in the world for fine art glass lighting. Any master of décor will tell you that contrast makes for wonderful interior design, and Tiffany Lamps provide excellent contrast and elegance to a modern day home. It becomes the focal point of any interior decoration, and always seems to attract the visitors to your home for its sheer charm and style; they are still hand crafted with authentic hand-rolled art glass, and the original variety of copper foil techniques and methods of construction that all made them so famous. No two pieces are the same. They are truly products of art that will be treasured for generations, timeless and elegant, adding taste and charm to any home, office or interior design.

These lamps come in many beautiful shapes and sizes, all rare and original. There are two forms of light design – upward or downlight. The pattern of upward light is that the tube faces upwards, causing the light to reflect against the ceiling and giving a lush, soft light for the entire room. The downlight is when the lamp is designed so that the bulb faces down, creating light for the table or piece that the lamp is on, and forming a delicate light around the lamp’s immediate area. Both, because of the art glass and polished style of the lamp, create a pleasant mood in the area that they are lighting and will your selection of lamp will depend on the kind of atmosphere you desire for the room.

Types of Dale Tiffany Lamps

Dale Tiffany Peacock Table LampThe different types that are offered are mostly floor and table top lamps, pendants and sconces, and just the lamp shades. Floral types and Dale and Butterfly types are also available. Cheap knockoffs, and counterfeit ones have also flooded the market. While buying a Tiffany lamp, you should be careful to purchase a genuine piece. There is a way to make sure for you. Many of them bear a distinct signature which helps to differentiate it from the others. Some of them bear their model numbers stamped clearly which stand witness to their authenticity.

A lot of the lamps are painted in flower patterns with nature based themes which turn out to be beautiful art pieces which lend an attractive and sophisticated look to your furniture theme. These exquisite pieces are sure to brighten and liven up your interior with an exotic charm. It will exceed your expectations once you decide to buy one for your home or office space. The richness of the various kinds of colors used, the texture and quality of the craftsmanship is a sight for sore eyes. A Tiffany lamp is ideal for sleep as it forms an excellent source of heat during night time. Nature plays a pivotal role in the artwork of Tiffany lamps. Flowers, trees, branches, vines, blossoms and insects are a major part of the paintings.


Dale Tiffany Lamps are truly unique, elegant, and will add much to your house – becoming a treasured lot that can get passed down from generation to generation. Being made of the highest quality, with the most authentic art and décor styles in mind, it’s no wonder that Dale Tiffany Lamps are in such high demand.Tiffany lamps stand for beauty and grace undefined. One of its kind in your home is a mark of distinction and style. You tend to enjoy their beauty for many years to come. Because of their popularity, reproductions are now available at affordable prices at Amazon products on [https://www.amazon.com/Dale-Tiffany-Lamps/pages/3023789011]. They are a stunning showpiece of artwork that comes in various styles, shapes, and colors

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