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Peacock Lamp Buyer’s Guide

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Designed For Taste And Culture

Lamps are an inexpensive way to bring sophistication to your door step. Specifically, peacock lamps will be a great way to develop a signature look. They meticulously brighten your space while adding charm, simplicity and style at the same time. 

Peacock designs are a top priority when it comes to Tiffany table lamps, floor lamps, and lamp stands. They feature all the necessary requirements for a home that values inventiveness. Hardly will anyone leave your home or office without asking where you got it!

Why Peacock Lamps?

Peacock lamps enhance the beauty and decor of your space. Moreover, they add more practicality to your space. Peacock lamps are so captivating; you will find it hard to choose the right one. What should you consider?

Choose one with the perfect lighting just for you and your family. Dim accent lighting goes perfectly with dining rooms. An office desk or a homework desk for your kids will require brighter lighting. Moreover, consider the plate and style of the furniture and decorative accessories already present in your office or home. The lamp must blend in with the rest.

No matter how appealing the peacock lamp is, keep in mind that an overly twenty-first-century lamp may fail to match a run-off-the-mill space. A small lamp will be engulfed by a crowded larger space.

From fun lamps to traditional lamps, there’s a peacock lamp for every palate and style

A peacock tiffany lamp is a traditional look and an awesome way to complement a formal design scheme. The lamp features a slightly stained glass shade usually accompanied by a bronze-like base. Tiffany lamps in general were engineered by artist Louis Tiffany. Other common patterns besides the peacock ones include floral, mission style and dragon fly. When a peacock lamp comes to life, the multicolored patterns spring into being, creating a one-shot central attraction to your room.

For a longer vibrant look, always dust you peacock lump with a soft cloth that is free from moisture. Use the recommended bulbs and make sure you do not exceed the specified wattage.

Types Of Peacock Table And Floor Lamps

The lamps range from feather lamps to whole peacock lamps. However, the feather lamps are quite artistic, alluring and functional. They feature stained glass shades and firm metallic bases. Peacock lamps are compatible with any theme. Though the list is endless, here are some great choices.

30’’ H Peacock Feather Lamp With Bell Shade (By Meyda Tiffany)

30’’ H Peacock Feather Lamp With Bell Shade

The careful feather design has a way of bringing sophistication and elegance in your room. It has an adorable, firm metallic base with a silverish color. The dull peacock feather shade on the bowl blends perfectly with dully rooms. The beauty makes it part and parcel of your decor.

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25’’ Feather Lamp With Bowl Shade (By Meyda Tiffany)

maxsquareFor the lovers of decoration and urbanity, here is the perfect lamp just for you. Because of its subdued light, you can either use it in the bedroom or living room. It irradiates a diffused, soft light due to a highly decorated shade affixed to the glass. The dark silverish base gives the perfect finish making whole lamp seem unreal.

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Toscano Art Floor Lamps

Toscano Art Floor LampsThese floor lamps are quite artistic. In addition, they come in various designs. By just looking at them, you will know that someone did his homework for a great deal of time. They are all hand made from real stone by topnotch artisans. To light up the design, you will require a 60 watt bulb or any equivalent. You can even place them right outside your doorstep or garden!

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27.5’’ Silver Leaf Table Lamp

27.5’’ Silver Leaf Table LampBeauty finds rest in detail. This peacock lamp features a teal blue shade and a peacock blue signature that further exemplifies the detail when the lamp comes into life. The lamp base is made from resin. A 60 watt bulb will do the trick. Guess what? The base is a detailed peacock!

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Gold Peacock Lamp With 5 Arms

Gold Peacock Lamp With 5 ArmsThis amazing lamp definitely tops the list. It has 5 arms, each with a light and an adjustable dome. This means that you can control the direction of the light. You can customize the light intensity using the dimmer switch. A plastic base enhanced with some metal makes the tip-resistant broad base. Many varieties are available. You will need 40-watt bulbs to light it up.

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