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The Magical Beauty of Peacock Tiffany Lamps

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The tiffany lamps were first time made by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the year 1899. Now, even after 100 years, tiffany lamps are still being appreciated and liked by homeowners. The people, who really know the value of craftsmanship, consider their tiffany lamp as the most precious décor item in their home. A tiffany lamp is well known for its traditional elegance and craftsmanship. The Tiffany lamps have lampshades made of painted glass pieces cut in particular shapes and sizes. All those glass pieces are joined together with the help of copper foil to form a lampshade. The best thing about Tiffany lamps is that each and every piece is handcrafted with lot of precision which enables its unique look. It not only gels well with the traditional décor but with modern interiors also. Here, in this article we will talk about different peacock tiffany lamps available in the market, which you can go through and then decide on buying a beautiful peacock tiffany lamp matching with your home interiors.

Dale Tiffany Peacock Table Lamp

Dale Tiffany Peacock Table LampThis beautifully designed Tiffany Peacock Table Lamp is very much close to Louis Comfort Tiffany’s original designs but also has a blend of modern design. It has a metal base with antique bronze finish to give a traditional look to any room but it also gels well with the modern interiors of the room. Its lampshade has been designed with lot of creativity using vibrant colors. This lamp is approximately 16 inches long, 24 inches tall and having 16 inches of width, so you can guess, where you can place in your drawing room or bedroom to enhance the interiors.

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Tiffany-style Peacock Lantern Table Lamp

Warehouse of Tiffany 2954#LSH Tiffany-style Peacock Lantern Table LampThe base holder of this beautifully designed lantern table lamp is made of white zinc metal. The lampshade is painted with attractive colors like orange, red and white. If you are searching for a tiffany style lamp matching to your modern interiors, then this lamp would be just perfect for you. You can decide on its position based on its dimensions – 13 inch long, 16 inch height and 13 inch wide. It has more than 400 pieces of hand painted cut glass wrapped around copper foil and joined together to form a beautiful lampshade. It will really bring a stunning transformation to your room by adding it to your décor.

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Tiffany Jeweled Peacock Mini Table Lamp

Tiffany Jeweled Peacock Mini Table LampThis is an extremely beautiful mini table lamp and because Amethyst jewels and stained glass has been used in its making. The peacock feathers have been adorned with amethyst jewels which give a rich look to the lamp as well as the entire interior of the room. The dimensions of this lamp are 8 inches long, 12 inches height and 8 inches width. If you really want to give a royal look to your room, you should definitely buy this Tiffany jeweled Peacock Mini table lamp as its shade is hand cut and wrapped in copper foil and its peacock feathers are made of art glass which is streaked with amber, jade and amethyst jewels. Its base has been painted in a mahogany bronze finish.

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Meyda Tiffany Peacock Feather Lace Table Lamp

Meyda Tiffany 138775 Peacock Feather Lace Table LampThis peacock Tiffany lamp is just great in aesthetic looks as its border is painted in such a way that it seems to look like real peacock feathers. It will make you feel nostalgic, because it is made utilizing original molds, tools and techniques used in past to design original Tiffany lamps. All the Meyda Tiffany lamps are inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany’s traditional designs and so are extremely beautiful as well as gel with modern and traditional interiors both. The dimensions of this lamp are 21.85 inches height, 16.15 inches length and 16.15 inches width.

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Design Toscano Tiffany-style Peacock Stained Glass Lamp

Design Toscano Tiffany-style Peacock Stained Glass LampIt is a very pretty lamp with hand cut stained glass shade. It can gel very well with modern as well as traditional type of interiors. It has a convenient switch on cord. The glass shade is painted with very attractive colors and can make the entire room extremely vibrant and colorful. If you love the Tiffany style traditional items for your room, then this glass lamp would just be perfect for your room. Being so colorful, it will give you a positive energy and keep you refreshed throughout your day. Having dimension of 16.5 inch height, 11.5 inch width and 11.5 inch long, you can place it on your side table of bedroom or drawing room and enhance the look of your interiors.

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The peacock design Tiffany lamps really look unique and are definitely going completely change the look of your house. These lamps emit soft colored light which add mood lighting to any room. With its natural grace, it can perk up the atmosphere of your house and even simple looking room can get a royal look with its help. No matter in which room or corner these lamps are placed, they are sure going to attract the attention of your visitors and are going to appreciate you for the classy taste you possess.

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